Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Fallen right off the wagon!!!!!

Well I've fallen right of the wagon last month! I went to Melbourne at the end of October till Melbourne cup (no I wasn't at the races). I didn't go over board in Melbourne but I did spend. Then when I came back to Sydney I had to get petrol, food etc. So the budget was straight out the window!

Now come this month I'm back on track, my credit card has money owing on it, however I've taken it out of my wallet and away to stop the temptation to use it and will making payments to bring it back down. Alternatively I have to find things to sell... My place is empty as it is! I've ran out of sellable items.

Christmas is around the corner. I'll be getting with my monthly budget 2x educational toys for the kid-let's and I'm looking at getting sea monkeys! (for me too.. Shhh) I've also been getting cheap but reasonable $1 /$2 toys for my 24 Xmas stocking. So the kids will have 1 toy each to open every day to the lead up to Xmas. Then they get their final gift.

All in all, slight fall off the wagon. But I'm back and sticking to my plan.

Need to remind myself that I'll have a nice gold pot of $ at the end of this!

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