Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Fallen right off the wagon!!!!!

Well I've fallen right of the wagon last month! I went to Melbourne at the end of October till Melbourne cup (no I wasn't at the races). I didn't go over board in Melbourne but I did spend. Then when I came back to Sydney I had to get petrol, food etc. So the budget was straight out the window!

Now come this month I'm back on track, my credit card has money owing on it, however I've taken it out of my wallet and away to stop the temptation to use it and will making payments to bring it back down. Alternatively I have to find things to sell... My place is empty as it is! I've ran out of sellable items.

Christmas is around the corner. I'll be getting with my monthly budget 2x educational toys for the kid-let's and I'm looking at getting sea monkeys! (for me too.. Shhh) I've also been getting cheap but reasonable $1 /$2 toys for my 24 Xmas stocking. So the kids will have 1 toy each to open every day to the lead up to Xmas. Then they get their final gift.

All in all, slight fall off the wagon. But I'm back and sticking to my plan.

Need to remind myself that I'll have a nice gold pot of $ at the end of this!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Excited over bills!

I've got my winter electricity & gas bill for the winter quarter and here here to a fantastic bill. It probably could of been lower. But I didnt want the kids to freeze during the winter, so I had borrowed a gas heater.

Last years bills was the worst bill I've ever encountered and vowed to never get it like that again. 1k bill isn't something I like paying.

This months bill was $320
$160ish for gas
$140 electric !!!!!

I made some payments so only have to pay $220.

Here is a pic on the comparison chart they provide. I highly doubt I'll be able to get it under $140 a qtr, but I'm going to keep on trying.

Monday, 17 October 2011

What has happen since..

Hello everyone! *waves* I've tackled the last month, now I'm on my second month(which seems longer) payday was on sat (got mine on Friday) did my budget paid all relevant bills and took out and put the months spending in my other account. So this month, thank god is only 4 weeks.

I've got more to play with this month per week however I'm still sticking to $135 per week and left overs will need to go on the credit card from Aiden's 2nd birthday.

So this weeks tight ass was my food shopping, I managed to get most things for $2 at woolies.
$2 up & go's
$2 Muesli bars
$2 shortbread biscuits
$2 2l ice cream

The list goes on. So managed to stock up on a few things

So, there is only 10 weeks till Xmas and I have no idea what I'm doing for gifts for the kids on no $. Looks like I'll have to allocate $100 per kid which is reasonable and maybe take them toy shopping after Xmas and they can pick there own toys out. I know my eldest will have a ball with a trolley getting whatever she wants. But the question is were do I find $200 when I have no $ left over at all? Looks like Mr CBA will have to donate for awhile and I'll pay back within the 55 day interest free period.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Nearly completed 1 month

So here I am in bed with a massive sore throat from my cough that I've had since Friday. So I thought I'd update on what has been happening.

I've nearly completed my first month cycle. This has been a 5 week month and I'm on week 5 as of tomorrow. I'm still got funds for the rest of the week till the 15th.However I've had to use the good ol' Mr credit to purchase some presents for my baby who turned 2 on the 1st of October. I could not have gone without not for my baby. But it's no big deal I can easily pay that off next month being only 4 weeks.

That being said, today I did some market research and scored myself a $60 coles myer voucher. I'll be using this to do a shop tomorrow which I then get to save the money I was going to use for food on something else.. Might spoil myself since I've been sick for over 5 days noes and it doesn't look like it going away anytime soon. Seems like it's getting worse.

Time to go now, born every minute is on. Will be back soon.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Went shopping

So I went to the shops on my lunch break today and paid a visit to Big W. I only went across the road to pick up some donuts (cravings) and did a quick lap around. The kids shoe section has some sales hidden amongst the racks and I happen to find these shoes for the kids. My son Aiden is 2 on the 1st October and he really does need some more pairs of shoes. So I got him 2 pairs and 1 pair for Kayla.
Awesome bargain ! if I do say so myself ! I bought 1 size larger on the mambo shoe, So they will last a nice period of time.

The good news is I paid cash using my weekly allowance. Gess the word allowance sounds like my parents gave me a certain amount of money to spend, however it's me who is giving me an allowance.
After work I'll stop pass Woolies to pick up my ingredients for my meal plans for the week. Looks like I might not have any $ to spend over the weekend so I have to get creative and think of something to do that does not involve money.

1 week down 51 to go!

Well, I survived! I had $90 for the week and I used $40 on fuel due to the dam fuel price being 1.47ish. I worked out that I'd be traveling approximately 200 km's per week. I add another 50 km's just to be generous. So this week I did 210.4 km's for the week. So my budget of $35 per week is pretty much on the money.

This weeks tank is nearly full so I'll be sweet on fuel especially if fuel prices stay in the low 1.30 per liter. This leaves me with $40 bucks till tomorrow (Thursday). I managed to walk away with $20 still in my wallet. *happy dance*. So this now rolls over to this week and I now have $110 to budget with. I have spent $35 on fuel already, I also treated myself to some scratchies and some donuts. Funny enough I won my money back on the tickets and it also covered the costs on the donuts!

I did a list for my shopping for the next week. I'm currently on my off week so I'll need to get kid friendly food for the week. Thank god it's school holidays starting next week so don't need to worry about lunches.

This week I also made some money by selling some more stuff on eBay. I currently have 2 items selling one at $200 bucks. I have also already been paid for another item $150 bucks worth. So if all goes to plan I'll have closed to $400 extra this month. The question is do I spend it ? Or SAVE it? We'll see. I still want my chest freezer so I can store my cow in!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

First week has started.

Well doom day has begun and I've officially started my year of being a right tight arse. Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for tight arse living. Heck I'm tight arse queen. But now we are getting down to business and stopping all unnecessary spending that we all do.

This month of September is going to prove to be the hardest ( go figure ). I get paid monthly and not all months have 4 weeks in them. So funny enough this month has to be a 5 weeker! Trust my luck. I have completed my budget and have allocated my weekly spending $ to another account. I now have to currently budget my week on just under $100. My plan was $125. However due to this stoopid 5 week month and a over due bill from last month (Oops) I have to suffer.

From October on wards I'll actually have more than $125 to spend per week, however I will not over indulge and stick to $125/$130 ($5 buffer)

Nothing to report here as it is just the beginning, However I would like to warn you on a few things.
1. I'm not a professional writer/blogger so if my grammar, punctuation, spelling etc is not up to your level - too BAD get over it !
2. Swearing.. I like to throw them in .. Again too BAD get over it.

Other than the above, have fun following =D !

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

My tight arse journey.....

Begins 15th Sept 2011
I will be blogging on how to live on approximately $125 a week. I am a single mother living in Sydney with 2 kids aged 5 and 2 and I also have 2 fur balls.

The $125 will need to be spent across food, petrol and general things needed for the 7 day's.
Let's see how I go...