Wednesday, 14 September 2011

First week has started.

Well doom day has begun and I've officially started my year of being a right tight arse. Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for tight arse living. Heck I'm tight arse queen. But now we are getting down to business and stopping all unnecessary spending that we all do.

This month of September is going to prove to be the hardest ( go figure ). I get paid monthly and not all months have 4 weeks in them. So funny enough this month has to be a 5 weeker! Trust my luck. I have completed my budget and have allocated my weekly spending $ to another account. I now have to currently budget my week on just under $100. My plan was $125. However due to this stoopid 5 week month and a over due bill from last month (Oops) I have to suffer.

From October on wards I'll actually have more than $125 to spend per week, however I will not over indulge and stick to $125/$130 ($5 buffer)

Nothing to report here as it is just the beginning, However I would like to warn you on a few things.
1. I'm not a professional writer/blogger so if my grammar, punctuation, spelling etc is not up to your level - too BAD get over it !
2. Swearing.. I like to throw them in .. Again too BAD get over it.

Other than the above, have fun following =D !

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