Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Went shopping

So I went to the shops on my lunch break today and paid a visit to Big W. I only went across the road to pick up some donuts (cravings) and did a quick lap around. The kids shoe section has some sales hidden amongst the racks and I happen to find these shoes for the kids. My son Aiden is 2 on the 1st October and he really does need some more pairs of shoes. So I got him 2 pairs and 1 pair for Kayla.
Awesome bargain ! if I do say so myself ! I bought 1 size larger on the mambo shoe, So they will last a nice period of time.

The good news is I paid cash using my weekly allowance. Gess the word allowance sounds like my parents gave me a certain amount of money to spend, however it's me who is giving me an allowance.
After work I'll stop pass Woolies to pick up my ingredients for my meal plans for the week. Looks like I might not have any $ to spend over the weekend so I have to get creative and think of something to do that does not involve money.

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