Monday, 17 October 2011

What has happen since..

Hello everyone! *waves* I've tackled the last month, now I'm on my second month(which seems longer) payday was on sat (got mine on Friday) did my budget paid all relevant bills and took out and put the months spending in my other account. So this month, thank god is only 4 weeks.

I've got more to play with this month per week however I'm still sticking to $135 per week and left overs will need to go on the credit card from Aiden's 2nd birthday.

So this weeks tight ass was my food shopping, I managed to get most things for $2 at woolies.
$2 up & go's
$2 Muesli bars
$2 shortbread biscuits
$2 2l ice cream

The list goes on. So managed to stock up on a few things

So, there is only 10 weeks till Xmas and I have no idea what I'm doing for gifts for the kids on no $. Looks like I'll have to allocate $100 per kid which is reasonable and maybe take them toy shopping after Xmas and they can pick there own toys out. I know my eldest will have a ball with a trolley getting whatever she wants. But the question is were do I find $200 when I have no $ left over at all? Looks like Mr CBA will have to donate for awhile and I'll pay back within the 55 day interest free period.

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  1. I swear I posted, it must not have gone through!

    Was just going to say that if you can manage to save around $20/week you'll have your $200 for Christmas! So.. don't buy those lollies and crap - just save a few extra $ here and there and you'll have it!