Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Nearly completed 1 month

So here I am in bed with a massive sore throat from my cough that I've had since Friday. So I thought I'd update on what has been happening.

I've nearly completed my first month cycle. This has been a 5 week month and I'm on week 5 as of tomorrow. I'm still got funds for the rest of the week till the 15th.However I've had to use the good ol' Mr credit to purchase some presents for my baby who turned 2 on the 1st of October. I could not have gone without not for my baby. But it's no big deal I can easily pay that off next month being only 4 weeks.

That being said, today I did some market research and scored myself a $60 coles myer voucher. I'll be using this to do a shop tomorrow which I then get to save the money I was going to use for food on something else.. Might spoil myself since I've been sick for over 5 days noes and it doesn't look like it going away anytime soon. Seems like it's getting worse.

Time to go now, born every minute is on. Will be back soon.


  1. Awesome - you are doing a great job! Hope you feel better soon. xx

  2. Well done!! Keep it up, and look out for those bargains!